Tenancy and home ownership law

Tenancy law has many pitfalls for tenants and landlords. It can be the case that disputes arise because of a declared rent increase, rent reduction due to defects or discrepancies in the ancillary cost settlement.

Disputes cannot always be avoided because one's own legal position has to be defended. In that case, however, legal help is particularly useful.

Terminating the rental agreement or warning a tenant can also lead to legal problems, e.g. in the case of termination for personal use or termination due to late payment.

We advise and represent you in out-of-court and in-court rental disputes.

When it comes to homeownership law, we advise you on problems with property management, the business plan or contesting resolutions of the homeowners’ association.


Your lawyer for enancy and home ownership law


Moritz Eschbach


Specialist lawyer for Building and architect law
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Main areas of activity:
Traffic law, construction and architect law, tenancy and condominium law, property law

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