Is it worth spending money on a lawyer at all?
Yes. If you can avoid a hopeless process with the advice of a lawyer, the advantage is obvious. If you win a case with the help of a lawyer, the opposing party is usually obliged to reimburse costs in the end. Those who have legal protection insurance enjoy this cost protection. Anyone who wants to conclude an important contract should also seek the advice of a lawyer. This saves costs and hassle and gives you the security of a balanced result.


Yes. The legal basis for the fee in Germany is the Lawyers' Fees Act (RVG). A distinction is made between fixed fees and framework fees. Fixed fees are mostly incurred for judicial activities in civil, administrative and labor law. The law provides framework fees mainly for extrajudicial activities and for the areas of social and criminal law.

The fees for advice and for the provision of legal opinions are subject to the agreement between the lawyer and the client. In individual cases, we will make concrete suggestions for you.


Here the lawyer's fee is calculated from two factors: the value of the object and the activity developed in accordance with the order.

The object value of a matter is understood as the objective monetary value or the economic interest of the client. In the case of claims, it corresponds to the amount of the claim asserted or to be averted. In the case of non-pecuniary matters, the value of the object can be found partly in the special statutory provisions and partly in extensive case law. In court proceedings, the value of the object is determined by the court.



That depends on the scope and difficulty of the matter. A quick verbal advice will rarely cost more than 100 €, for a written elaboration it can also be several 100 € in individual cases. In any case, we will be happy to tell you the costs before we start our work.

A 1.3 business fee according to No. 2300 VV RVG arises from the value of the item for extrajudicial correspondence. If an out-of-court settlement is reached, a settlement fee of 1.5 in accordance with No. 1000 VV RVG is added to the value of the item.

In the case of court activity, there is usually a 1.3 procedural fee, a 1.2 appointment fee for attending appointments in court and, in the event of an agreement, a 1.0 agreement fee. Fees are based on the value of the item determined by the court.

In individual cases, we can also make a remuneration agreement that deviates from the statutory provisions. Here an hourly fee is just as conceivable as a flat fee. In any case, we will make an agreement with you about this.




If you are looking for examples, just click on the following links:
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The above statements come from the guidelines of the Federal Bar Association on lawyers' remuneration, published by the Federal Bar Association, Littenstraße, 10179 Berlin,